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Almost all carriers have wellness programs, but Humana is the first one to put money back in the pockets of both the employer and the employee.  Employees earn points by participating in the program, and when they reach silver status, Humana will reduce their premium by 7%.  If they achieve gold status or higher, it jumps to a 15% rate reduction.  This is on an employee by employee basis, so if just one employee does the work, just that employee's premium will be reduced.  The more employees that achieve silver status and above, the more money the employers save, and if the employee is paying a portion of the premium, that's money back in their pocket too.
Beyond the 7% and 15% discounts in premium, the points the employees earn can be cashed in for prizes and gift cards as well.  Think of it like credit card miles.  If you cash the points in for Amazon gift cards, it usually works out to be about 1% cash back.  So 5000 points would equal $50 in gift cards. 
In the brochure below you will see a list of things employees can do to earn points, and you will notice a lot of it people are likely already doing.  For example:  Joining a sports league, going in for your routine physical, dental checkups, when you swipe your card at the gym you get points, if you wear a fit bit your daily steps will earn you points, if you run, bike, swim, etc. you can have your device sync with your account and you will rack up points rapidly.  These are just a few examples.
Below you will find several helpful videos and resources put out by Humana on their GO365 program.  If you are currently with Humana and want to learn more, or you want to find ways to get your employees engaged in this great program, simply reach out to your agent and we would be happy to discuss it with you.
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